Why Franchise with us?
The first BeanFlickers  store opened in Bangalore in February,2016. And the company has built up a fair amount of brand recognition in the city. Currently, BeanFlickers offers franchise opportunities in India and abroad. It also offers the option of opening multiple stores in a given area, along with one-store franchise options.
At Beanflickers, we are looking to expand within India,Middle East and the Emerging Markets.
We look forward to having you on-board to join us in this exciting journey.
Benefits of Franchising.

Buying a franchise can be a quick way to set up your own business without starting from scratch.

So the Benefits of Franchising are:

  • The risk of business failure is reduced by franchising. Your business is based on a proven idea. You can check how successful other franchises are before committing yourself.
  • Products and services will have already established a market share. Therefore there will be no need for market testing.
  • You can use a recognised brand name and trade mark. You benefit from any advertising or promotion by the owner of the franchise – the ‘franchisor’.
  • The franchisor gives you support – usually as a complete package including training, help setting up the business, a manual telling you how to run the business and ongoing advice.
  • No prior experience is needed as the training received from the franchisor should ensure the franchisee establishes the skills required to operate the franchise.
  • A franchise enables a small business to compete with big businesses, more so than an independent small business, due to the pool of support from the franchisor and network of other franchisees.
  • You usually have exclusive rights in your territory. The franchisor won’t sell any other franchises in the same territory.
  • Financing the business may be easier. Banks are sometimes more likely to lend money to buy a franchise with a good reputation.
  • You can benefit from communicating and sharing ideas with, and receiving support from, other franchisees in the network.
  • Relationships with suppliers have already been established.
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